Technic22 - Specialized Services for Machinary


Online Phone Service

Our specialist technicians will answer customer questions and respond to any incidents or problems found in the machine. They will advise you on how to solve machining problems and how to carry out preventative maintenance tasks.

Our qualified staff will assist you by phone through the following lines:

-Information and spare parts: +34 931 612 905

-Technical service for customers without a preventive maintenance contract: +34 807 585 822

– Free service line for customers with maintenance contract.

Advisory Service

Technic22 offers a technical consulting service to advise the customer in order to optimize your machine to the maximum. Our technicians will advise you on the measures to keep your machine in perfect condition, provide you with technical assistance in case of incorporating future machines and offer you production solutions in general.


By phone, before each intervention, our company carries out a preventive diagnosis of the machine (s), advising the client on the actions to be carried out in order to get the most out of their machine. Thereafter, a follow-up of the corrections will be carried out.

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Maintenance and Repair of CNC Machines

Technic22 has a team of technicians ready to intervene at the customer’s location. We diagnose and repair any type of breakdown in the machine (electric, pneumatic or mechanical).

Machinery Preventive Maintenance

Our main product is an annual comprehensive maintenance contract that offers our clients a personalized service and priority. The customer who has maintenance contract will also benefit from a free telephone hotline, priority intervention response and discounts on intervention costs and maintenance spare parts.

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Reengineering services for modifications, adaptations, retrofitting of machines or design of new machines, products for improving production, etc.


Adaptation of automatic feeding systems in CNC machines, artificial vision systems, part clamping systems, tools, production control programmes, optimization of cycle times, etc.


eProject4 is a dynamic engineering company with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions for all production automation processes and manufacturing machines in general, specializing in the design and construction of CNC machinery and machining production strategies.

The objective of eProject4 is the satisfaction of our customers, contributing to the market solutions of high technological value, being a reference in R&D.

The added value of eProject4 is the know-how of its engineers, acquired with more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial solutions and 3 and 5-axis CNC machines in the former company Bermaq.

Visit the eProject4 website. Click here.


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Programming, CNC Reprogramming

Experience in part programming, work cycles, analysis of machining times, reprogramming of programs and processes.

CAD CAM Support

Extensive knowledge of CAD-CAM programs (TwinCAM, En-Route, Top-Solid, etc.); Custom configurations, work programs, incorporation of 3D solids in simulation environments, postprocessors, etc.










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CNC machine adjustments

Technic22 is prepared to perform the measurement of various machine geometry parameters in general; execution of programs for machining test pieces for general geometric checks.

5-axis heads alignment

5-axis geometry zeroing service, mechanical recalibration and head electronics (TRAORI).

Geometry laser measurements

High-precision calibration using state-of-the-art laser equipment; measurement of positioning and straightness of each axis individually; correction by CNC matrices so that the control dynamically maintains the desired geometry.

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CNC Training

We have a technical team capable of providing training in machine management, part programming, custom programming and specializing in ISO code, special cycles, etc.

Customer Technical Training

Customer training on purely technical knowledge, for usage improvement, breakdown self-diagnosis, maintenance cycles, minimum necessary machine checks, etc.

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